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AKFAS Construction &
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AKFAS is committed to extracting,providing
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quality natural Turkish stones


AKFAS Co. Ltd. is one of the professional block supplier of Turkish oriented natural stones was established in 1996 by the 25 years experienced masters to specialize in the distribution of Turkish stone materials including Marble,Travertine,Limestone and Onyx materials.

We have allready been exporting our materials worldwide in 4 continents with having our deposites in the three main exporting harbours,and also with the acknowledge of supplying blocks from all quarries of Turkey ,allow AKFAS master team to be ready anytime to satisfy even themost exacting customer.

Therefore,we supply the best quality blocks from their origins with our experiences, with our good relations and our responsibility of knowing the importance of quality and service.

However as being one of the professional supplier , we are proud to serve with our materials at possible best price ,possible soonest duration and right exactly at the quantity that they are demanded.

The aim of the company is that of offering to its customers always its best service.
In addition to providing rough, cutting-edge products for gang saws and STs we also provide freight and customs services on our products. For more detailed information please don't hesitate to get contact with us.


Office : Hasim iscan cad.  Tugsa Plaza          K/9   No:113
Quarry : Gungoren district    25th.  km.         Bursa / Turkey
Setbasi V.D.                               
Tel   :  90 - 224 - 224 08 22   &   225 23 99  &  220 38 85
Fax   :  90 - 224 - 224 08 23


Turkey is a marbleland