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Bottachino Royal Quarry

AKFAS Company is committed to extracting,providing quality natural Turkish stones, up-to-date products and convienent, fast freight.

AKFAS Construction &


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Honey Beige Quarry

AKFAS contracts for the marketing of marble and travertine blocks that are quarried there as well as associated factory facilities, where locally sourced and imported marbles and travertine are refined for construction project and monumental demands. We specialize in offering full service from specification and report of suitable block quality for either direct supply towards cutting works, including shipment logistics and stockyards in major ports. In co-operation with our associated factories we are able to include most competitive services also for finished product demands. Any quality that we supply will be secured and controlled effectively by our group to ensure consistent and reliable one-time and long-term delivery. Our company is successfully operating the extracting regions and thus can rely on solid expertise and profound network for a strong sourcing and supply service.

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AKFAS is mainly specialized in the supply of rough sawn, polished, honed slabs of natural stone,exporting rough blocks from all over the Turkey

Travertine Quarry Wire Cutting

Travertine Quarry

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AKFAS supplies all kinds of Turkish marbles and travertines of which it has current stocks in its yards.